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What we Believe

Sometimes people aren't sure what they believe in or even if what they do believe in is true. But we have seen the truth in Christ and in His written Word (the Bible) and hold tight to it as it guides us.

We believe in the Trinity, that there is God the Father, God the Son (Jesus), and God the Holy Spirit.

Who God Is to us?
Who is Jesus Christ to Us?

We believe Christ is fully 100% God, and fully 100%Man. He lived a life completely sinless and performed many miracles. We believe he was persecuted even though he did no wrong, died on a Cross for our sins, then literally rose again on the third day according to the Scriptures!

We believe we are rescued by Grace through Faith, not by actions, because of the blood of Jesus Christ (Hebrews 10:10). And we know we will live forever with Jesus and that no one can take that from us.

How Are we saved?
What is the Bible to us?

We believe the Bible is the Word of God, and that it is incapable of being wrong, or making mistakes. We know He uses it to guide and inspire us through His Holy Spirit.

Jesus told us to love the Lord our God with all our heart but He also wants us to love our neighbors in truth (meaning no one is excluded). Jesus wants us to bring the love of His truth He has showed to every one of us regardless of the path of life they are on. He doesn't want anyone excluded or left out.

As Believers, what is our purpose on Earth?
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