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Things We Do in The Community

Christ Church Volunteering

We love actively serving in our community both in Germantown Hills and the surrounding area. Being involved in the Metamora Old Settlers Day, Spring Bay Watermelon Festival, handing out water to the runners in the Michael 5K run for cancer, and participating in the annual Metamora prayer breakfast are a few of our outreaches.

Join Us For the Spring Bay Watermelon Festival!


The Spring Bay Watermelon Festival is coming this year 2023 on September 29-30th! Christ Church will be there participating with its own booth. We will be reaching out with Bible literature, free water, for kids' games, and prizes they can win! While you're enjoying the festival, feel free to stop by. We'd love to see you!

Outreach Ministry

As part our mission, we seek to serve our community and those struggling with Christ's love.  There are several ways we are involved in our community and with other organizations to help further Christ's kingdom.

Ministries the Church Provides

We are blessed to provide different ministries and activities for the community to be a part of.  In addition to small groups, we provide the facilities for an AA group that meet on Wednesday and Friday evenings. Please come and enjoy our prayer garden that our members enjoy maintaining. We have free Christian movie nights quarterly. We even have plans in the works for a field trip to the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter in Kentucky.

Christ Church field trip

Partnerships With the Church

Christ Church Choice Books

We are grateful to be partnering with different organizations.  One of Choice Books main distribution centers is right in our community.  They have helped make it financially possible for us to hand out much Christian literature during events and festivals! 

We promote and support the local ministries of Peoria Rescue Ministries and radio stations WBNH, WCIC, WPEO. We're excited to help them as they provide services and counseling to those in need while sharing the Gospel with people who don't know Who Jesus is and the joy He can bring!

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