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Sharing Christ And His Gospel

(Chapter 1)

Jesus wanted people to experience His overwhelming love and the joy it brings! Because of that, He gave us a mission, to show people who He is and what He did for them, so they could experience Him for themselves. 

Serving Christ, his Church, and the Community

(Chapter 2)

​Jesus wanted us to actively serve as He did. To serve not just in the Church, but also the community and those struggling or in need. If we serve willingly, we demonstrate what Christ did and show how much He cares. 

Spiritually Growing in Christ

(Chapter 3)

Just like a child matures and puts away childish things, we are supposed to grow in Christ to know Him more. In doing so, we draw closer to Him, getting a deeper understanding of His love and truth as we follow His leading in our lives.

Securing Ourselves in Christ

(Chapter 4)

Securing ourselves in Christ means to stand firm in what we believe. While the world is changing, He doesn't. We will continue to fix our eyes on Jesus, serving, giving as the Lord provides to those in need, and giving praise and thanksgiving to our God regardless of what happens. He will take care of the rest as He promised in the Bible.

Our Mission

"being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus"

Philippians 1:6

Our mission is reflected from the book of Philippians. 

How We Show It

cross at Christ church.jpg

Worship is to honor Jesus by our actions. We show worship by the songs we sing, by our prayer towards our Great High Priest Jesus Christ, through our giving as an offering of worship, by the presentation of the Word of God (the Bible), by our testimonies, and by fellowship with one another.

Small Groups

It is important to fellowship with one another to help each other grow and be secure in Christ, to know Him more, to know how to serve Him by serving others, and to know how to lead. 

We have a number of small groups people can join ranging from small groups for people who are new to Christ and want to know more, to discipleship, to leadership.

Christ Church small groups
Christ Church Volunteering
Team Ministries

We have a mission to show others who Christ is and just how much He cares. We do so by going out, two by two, using the gifts God has given each one of us, our time, and our treasures to minister to others the Good News and to serve the community where we can!

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