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Christ Church Sanctuary From Ground

I'm New

If you are curios about this whole faith thing, or are looking for a friendly non-denominational church, you are welcome to join us!  

Pastor Charles Buegel Preaching
Service Time and Fellowship

We have one service at 8:30AM-10AM. From 8:30AM-8:45AM we like to visit and fellowship with one another and enjoy coffee, sausages, and donuts! Normally after 15 minutes we head into the sanctuary and start with praise and worship, then hear the message that is shared. After the service ends, we love to continue to visit with people for a little while longer.


For anyone interested in visiting we have guest parking available up close to the church!

Christ Church parking
Children's Sunday School

For anyone who has kids we have Kindergarden-5th Grade Sunday School kids can join. It starts around 8:45AM and goes up to 9:45AM. When kids are released so parents can pick them up. 

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